Dayuuum Fluffy

I’ve always been a big dude. I wasn’t obese as a kid per say, but I was always heavier than the other kids. Weight has always been a struggle. I played a lot of sports growing up. This helped keep my weight in check in high school.

I fall between Fluffy and Daaaaayum!

So being damn fluffy is not good for lymphedema. Of course I can’t find any info relating to men, but this is what I found:

There is quite a bit of evidence that being overweight prior to treatment for breast cancer or gaining weight afterward increases the risk of developing lymph-edema after breast cancer treatment. The good news is that studies have also indicated that if you do develop lymph-edema, losing weight can improve the swelling more than you might expect. Studies of weight loss in individuals with breast cancer-related lymphedema have shown that even modest weight loss, for instance between 7 and 12 pounds, led to significant improvement in arm swelling. And you can also add regular exercise to enhance your weight loss regimen, since studies also show that if exercise (including arm exercise) is performed properly, it does not seem to increase the risk of getting lymphedema or make pre-existing lymphedema worse. In fact, for some patients who have had treatment for breast cancer, upper body exercise may diminish symptoms of lymphedema or even reduce the risk of developing lymphedema in the first place. So add a weight loss regimen and regular exercise to your lymphedema management routine and you may see further improvement.

Weight loss is a huge struggle, the thing is, dudes don’t like to admit it.  I’ve looked into weight loss surgery twice. Something always seems to shoot me in the foot.  I was supposed to go to another weight loss surgery seminar this past Wednesday, but I cancelled.  I need to get some other things fixed in my life before going through that process again.

There are a few things out there about diet and lymphedema. Every is different and there is no one true way.  The biggest issue I have is salt.  Salt makes me balloon up like a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day attraction.  I’ve never been a big salt user, but everyone gets that salty craving sometimes.  My weakness is chips; potato or corn it doesn’t matter.  I’m also horrible about drinking enough water.  I know need to drink water for more than lymphedema  reasons, but coffee.  As for information on diet and lymphedema, everything out there is pretty dated and 95% geared toward women. (Again nothing against the ladies, but we all know men and women loose weight differently.)  It’s a bit dated, but there is a good article over on Live Strong about dieting and lymphedema.   You can check it out here.



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