It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year…

Not really.  It’s time to reorder socks.   I hate reordering socks, especially the first order in the new year.  I think we have met our deductible.  (I had have a MRI and colonoscopy earlier this year. They were kinda pricey.  Yay,  turning 40?) I hate the whole sock thing, but I know I need to wear them.  I miss real socks…The soft, warm kind, millions of people wear everyday and take for granted.

My first few years, I got the black compression socks.  I would kind of tell myself I was like the cool young kids.  The trend at the time was the long black athletic socks  with the basketball shorts.   I seem to have moved into beige land.   The last two times I have ordered socks, I have asked for black socks, but have gotten the dreaded beige.   I hate to return them and have them replaced, because they are custom ordered and take forever to get.

The whole garment thing sucks too…its kinda geared towards the ladies.   Knee-highs, thigh highs, and panty hose doesn’t sound like anything most guys want to wear.   My wife doesn’t help anything and calls them sexy socks.   I’m just grateful we have decent enough insurance these days and I’m not paying the $600 a pair for them anymore.



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