Life Aquatic

Sorry I missed last week.   I’ve been battling a sinus infection on top of Easter with the family.   It has been a crazy week or so.   I am feeling better and it is time to get back to working on me and my various projects.

About a year and a half ago I was having a rough time swelling wise and was back in therapy.  Only this time it was different.  For 45 minutes before I was wrapped, I did aquatic exercises in a heated, saltwater pool.  This did wonders for my lymphedema  and other issues.  So much, in fact, I continued paying to go as a community member after I was discharged.  I stopped going in November/December when I was having all my GI issues.   I am ready to go back.

Of course everything I find is old and for breast cancer patients, but it works well.  It helped strengthen my back and improved my mobility.  The other benefit was weight loss.  I tend to go on a Monday/Wednesday/Friday  in the afternoons, because the place I use is less crowded then.


Personal goals need to be expressed and merged with those of the therapist or personal trainer who works with an individual who has lymphedema.

In general, goals include:
• Pain reduction
• Increased range of motion
• Increased strength
• Increased cardio respiratory conditioning
• Improved posture , balance and energy
• Education/tools re: weight management and nutrition
• Increased relaxation and stress management
• Outlet for support/social/outreach

Some specific goals include:
• To restore proper bio mechanics, increase range of motion in the shoulder
• Improve strength/endurance of injured and supporting muscle groups
• Improve lymphatic flow by movement through the water, use of hydrostatic pressure, turbulence and muscle activation
• To reduce susceptibility to hypo-kinetic disease with cardio vascular exercise
• To lose body fat, increase lean body mass to reduce risk of lymphedema and breast cancer recurrence

You can read more on aquatic therapy/exercise here.  You can read why aquatic therapy works here.